Who I Am Pt. 2

The reason I help women with chronic diagnoses is that when I was going through dealing with the unknown and managing my whole life and finding out I had certain chronic illnesses, I needed someone to help me and to tell me I was okay. I needed someone to help me find a path I could take to re-normalize my very existence. I was stunned and felt like life was passing by and I was stuck in my situation!

No one was there. I was so alone, even with people around me, and I felt afraid. I didn’t know how to get on with living in a new way that I didn’t even choose.

Very few people understood what I was going through. I have fielded a LOT of ugly comments about how I look, how I live, things I’ve lost, what I’m doing, etc. as if I was choosing the Lazy Woman’s way out of life and needed to be told about myself!

So, I began to question: have I been that kind of person to anyone in my past? Did I form judgments without really bothering to know a person’s details? Have I been an unkind and uncaring person to anyone who truly was doing their best?

Talk to me: have you?

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