Make A Decision

Make A Decision

This is all about being prepared. This is about having your mind made up on a position or a direction well before having to decide about what you will do next.

This is clarity. It’s an important first step on many roads you may travel, but none as important as the steps you take towards improving your lifestyle, optimizing your health, and living as best you can.

You should already have the non-negotiables in mind and confirmed before you do another thing.

My Non-Negotiables (an example)
I will have 2-3 vegetables at EACH meal
I will have a long bath Friday night
During the week, I will go to bed at 9:30 pm

When I was a kid, whenever it was time to start a new grade in school, kids would say, “this is how I’m going to be next school year,” meaning “I am going to conduct myself in a certain way”. We decided whether we would be laid back, outgoing, the smartest, or just coast on our good looks, but we decided how things would go well before we had to make any choices to get us to our goals.

Consider the following common scenario.

You have made the decision that by the end of the year you will be ten pounds lighter and that you are going to do the things you need to do to achieve your goal.

Each and every day you will be faced with choices: what foods you will eat, how many steps you are going to take for each day, how many trips you will take to the gym and how long you will stay there. Meal by meal and activity by activity, you already know you are going to make the choices that are going to get you ten pounds lighter. That’s going to be at the forefront of your mind for all your choices.

You made a decision before you decided to eat a greasy burger versus having something low fat and plant based to eat for lunch. You already decided you are going to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year before you reach the point of either going straight home or stopping in at the gym to get that workout done before you end your day.

This not only applies to weight loss and fitness. Decisions must be made at the top of every day. You can choose to concentrate on positive thoughts or be bogged down under the weight of all the things that can or will be challenging to the day.

You decide to have calm over the weekend before you join a family function where that certain relative will be who always seems to push your anger button. You decide you are going to meet goals at work.

Do you see how this concept spills over into all areas of your life? Suddenly, you are completely in control over yourself. Your moves through your day are lighter and your stress is lowered. It’s as if you are already focused on “nothing is going to push me off my path” .

Personally, I decided I was going to move my body more every week. I wanted to do that to stay strong, limber, and to aid in weight loss. These things are important to me because I’ve already decided that by my next birthday, I am going to be physically able to go have fun, explore a new location, or whatever else I may have found I can do! I want to feel good doing it, and not like “whew! This is no fun, I’m so out of shape”, as well as some of the usual chronic illness feelings!

So, I’ve started a walking regimen, selected two parks I like to walk in as well as several online walking programs I can follow indoors. If it’s raining, snowing, sunny or dry, I can still get my walks in. And I’m walking no less than 2 miles each time. That’s a good push for me right now. Sometimes I do more. But I don’t miss an opportunity to walk.

Do you know what your goals are and how you are going to reach them? Sometimes it’s hard to sort out. That’s why I’m your specialist. Let me help you decide …. before you have to decide! I have some tools that can help.

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