Hacks For Tired Women (with chronic illness or without)

Hacks For Tired Women (with chronic illness or without)


We always feel like, as women, we HAVE to do the most! We have to be the ones up first in the morning, and we have to be the last ones up at night.

We have to oversee everything in our lives and respond to everything as it comes our way.

We can act like we aren’t truly doing this “woman thing” until we feel the exhaustion. Sort of like “feel the burn” of the 90’s exercise videos, so we keep pushing ourselves.

Where is it written that we have to push and push until our bodies feel like they are collapsing? Whose rule is that? It’s nonsense!

Yes, women have a lot to do, usually. We are leaders in various aspects of our lives: cleaner, cook, money-earner. BUT IF YOU DON’T REST when it is time to rest and give your body what it needs, your body will TAKE IT!

That means you may find yourself flat on your back, unable to do anything else except REST!

When you are feeling tired, that is a loud enough clue from your body that you need to assess yourself overall.

Are you in pain? How much did you sleep? In addition to sleep, are you giving yourself periods of rest? Ironically, are you exercising (which allows your body to not only detoxify itself and condition its major organs and muscles, but generate a need for rest and sleep)!

Take a hard critical look at how you may be pushing yourself beyond the point of tiredness, and accept that you need to make some changes


I see you rolling your eyes, friend. I get it. We hear it all the time: “eat clean” or “eat plant based”. Sometimes that messaging drives us to eat just the opposite of healthy. We feel like we don’t measure up enough to do those things.

Maybe you feel your nutrition is already on point. You have vegetables. You limit snacking.

But when you are feeling “tired”, not only does it mean you need to sleep more and to rest, but your body’s fuel may not be keeping up with the demands you put on it.

Reassess what you eat and how you eat. Are you someone that already sticks to a pretty healthy diet and feed yourself well? Evaluate whether or not you are covering all the macro and micro nutrients you should.

Are you a someone that eats like a “so-so” good diet? Maybe you take in food as reward for being a she-ro-superwoman? (I personally used to do just that and it got me into a bad place health-wise).

Reprogramming your thought process around food and making a few positive changes and tweaks to your diet can have an amazing effect on how you will start to feel overall


Well, heck, isn’t this the kicker? Again, I get it. Single mamas out here doing all they have to do for their families may not have a sig-o (significant other) to help lighten the load financially, in chores, or in childcare. I’ve been there. As a single mama, I had several nights where I just flopped over in bed crying, just to start things all over again the next day. It’s hard.

What I didn’t do: I didn’t train my children to be more responsible at home. I regretted that misstep tremendously.

I was the one saying: it’s easier on me if I just do it myself because my kids are going to make a heaping mess trying to do things that I will just wind up cleaning anyhow. If I do it, I bypass the recon of that!

Sadly, that may be true. FOR A WHILE. As your children become more skilled at doing things at home, you have less to do! They LEARN HOW to do things correctly, just like YOU had to learn.

It’s the same with sig-o’s and husbands. Let them do! Tell them the help you need, and ask them to help you because it’s necessary.

Just because the people in your home are reluctant to do things to completion AT FIRST doesn’t mean it will always be that way. Let them do. Let them learn. Then thank them. Anything not done to completion, be sure to say, for instance, “hun, I need you to gather all the trash and take it out to the garbage bin. Please make sure you don’t miss the things that may drop or fall out of the bag. That’s going to be a huge help for me”. Say it again the next time if it’s still not completed. That’s how people train themselves to do tasks. Try it.

I always wanted to have control as the head of my household. As a married woman, I wanted to have control as well. That reasoning came from several places in my past that I had to come to terms with. But when I finally let go of my version of perfection and allowed the other people in my household to start to contribute to the chores and tasks, it was much, much better on me. I had less to do


Phew! This is a big one for most people. Some folks are just blessed to be organized and tidy and orderly. Things rarely get out of their control. And sometimes, that is very, very tiring for them.

Again, letting go of control is a practice a lot of women need.

The rest of us, not as organized as we want to be, need to bite things off in chunks. Tackle one room a month, even, to sort and organize things.

Plan meals, go through the week’s grocery store sales, make a food list, and cook in batches. That’s organization, too, you know. When you can pull foods out of the fridge or freezer already cooked or already prepped to cook, you are saving time, energy, and mental chaos. You can use that saved time to R E S T.

Get my meal planning ebook here to help you wrap your mind around just what that means.

Getting your homelife in order even induces a feeling of calm that can help you feel less tired

Give Yourself Grace

Who is high and mighty enough they have the right to judge you? No one.

You have a pile of laundry still from last week that nobody has gotten to yet? So. It will get done. The same goes for any number of other things that suck the energy from you at times.

It’s better to let them go a bit longer and get your energy in check.

Give yourself the Grace to know when you need to re-up your energy, take time for that, then come back stronger later.

One last thing: if none of these things have helped you, and you already know you have chronic illnesses, or maybe you don’t, head to the doctor’s office. Ask for lab tests to check things out. Something could have changed in your medical status, not to say it will be a drastic health issue, but sometimes your doctor can find something easy enough to correct. Let him or her do that for you. Grace.

I hope these hacks help. To go more in-depth, I can help you sort things a bit further because I know what it’s like to try and figure it all out by myself. You may need guidance. I can be of help to you, so contact me.

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