About Me

Hi, I am Lynn Clark.

One day, out of seemingly nowhere, I got sick. I was a mom of 3 girls, a wife (at the time), and I was pursuing my career. I was very busy, very active in my life, and in good health. I didn’t know what was going on but found out I had contracted a deer tick bite bacterial infection and was treated and got better.

Fast-forward to a later time in life: I was still working in my professional career, running my home, and newly diagnosed with several chronic illnesses. I became acutely ill, and that is when my life spiraled and changed so drastically.

I didn’t know how to deal with: complete loss of my career and income, drastic changes in lifestyle, and many new co-conditions the chronic illnesses would bring. I was lost, devastated, and dare I say, even depressed.

Much like you, I had to learn how to live within my new normal.

I had to learn how to:

  • manage my time with my energy spikes and lows;
  • nourish myself properly to keep going;
  • stay physically active for mobility and strength;
  • redirect my thoughts to support hope and positivity; tap into my spirituality, and
  • learn to control stress which exacerbates my symptoms.

My whole life was redefined, not by being ill, but by new priorities, processes, and coping skills. Through research, trial and error, networking, and gained knowledge, I now educate, promote, encourage and coach other women to redefine their lives, on their terms, living with chronic illness.

I am your Holistic Living Specialist.

We need to talk! Find out more about how I can help you reach your personal lifestyle goals with a chronic illness.