Self Care

The Joy Is In The Journey

… finding the WHY of what you’re going through.

The key here is that you ARE going through … meaning it won’t last, you will come out on the other side, and there is something within the said journey that is going to strengthen you, not break you!

That’s a lot and it can be a lot while you are in the midst of your storm, in the depth of your valley, in the full stride of your race.

I, too, have been deep down, so far down I felt like I’d never come out of it, but come out I did, and I want to encourage you in your situation both now and later.

This is happening for a reason you don’t now see. It may hurt. It may make you angry. It may look like things will never let up. There is something you needed to learn, and now you are here.

You get to learn deeper empathy, the meaning of loving others despite themselves, and the peace and euphoria of rising above the pain of your own situation.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

You find other people who lift you up and encourage you when you can no longer do it for yourself (your tribe, your circle). You also have to accept that there are professionals that can help, and therapy is good medicine.

Even though you may have to distance yourself from people or situations, you learn to still be loving towards them.  It is so peaceful when you don’t absorb someone else’s energy, but acknowledge it, interpret it, and then let it go. And return love in its place.

As you go through doing your inner work you learn things along the way. You will find that in the meantime:

You learn patience

You spend time within your own heart and mind

You can heal from past traumas

You learn to navigate in case you need to do deep work this again

You find out who is with you, who is real, and who is not

You can, actually, set a plan to not return to this place

You will learn the value of being kind

So, in your journey, there is Joy. There is healing, forgiving, learning, practicing and planning out of love – love to yourself first, so you can love others.

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