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Nut Butt

The hard thing (one of a few, maybe) is striking the balance between being full and feeling sluggish because I’ve not had enough to eat. Being diabetic makes the struggle even harder. So I’ve had to come up with some light yet filling snacks between my larger meals. 

One of my favorites is nuts and or seeds. I am a nut and seed LOVER! They help fill me up enough to make it to mealtime. They help me when I want to crunch on something while I work. But, I can’t eat straight from the package because I will eat most of them at one time. So I buy these small storage bags. They’re the perfect answer to portion control. 

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These bags are the perfect serving size for quick snacks of all kinds. This is how the portions stack up for nuts and seeds:

sunflower seeds, roasted , 1oz 162
pumpkin seeds, raw , 1 oz163
pecans, raw , 1 oz or 20 halves196
almonds, roasted , 1 oz or 23 nuts162

Good healthy snacks. Healthy fats. But don’t eat too much! I included the calories so you can see the impact they will have on your daily eating plan and can judge for yourself, accordingly. (I, personally, require portions)!

Be sure to feed yourself well to keep up your strength to make yourself able to get through your day. Are you taking nutrition into account and analyzing what you actually eat daily? Do you need to make adjustments?

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