I Am The Specialist

Let’s talk about it, shall we? How does one become a specialist, yet not be a physician?

The short story: I became suddenly ill. I learned it was autoimmune. I got better and sought out information about living a healthier lifestyle so I could, well, LIVE. I learned a lot about what health means for me, and I share what was learned. I decided to specialize!

At the time, the phrase “holistic” was being tossed about by quite a few people (and still is), especially on social media. I mean, holistic this, holistic that and their definition was to address the mind, body, and soul. Still, I wasn’t sure what it meant for me.

What I learned was that a balance of my health defined it: mentally, physically, and spiritually. If one was weaker than the other, my health suffered. That was the key! I had to do all I could to keep that balance in order to achieve my best and healthiest lifestyle.

I had to address my diet and physical strength, but that wasn’t all. It had little to do with my body weight and physical fitness (which was just a part of it). If there wasn’t a spiritual-universal connection, there was no health. If I didn’t allow myself to mentally heal or get stronger, there was no health. I couldn't ignore any of the parts of myself because it forfeits the whole. Click To Tweet

Today, I help other women find their own balance. What works for one person won’t work for the next. Each person’s balance is different, and that is what I specialize in: true, holistic living.

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