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Bedside Survival Kit

… because you never know when you will need some things.

Loves, anyone can get tired. There’s so much going on in women’s lives on any given day. Add to that the need to REST due to chronic illness, and well, guess what often wins? That’s right … it’s not what YOU want to do, it is what YOU NEED TO DO … REST!

No matter what your chronic illness, there will be times when you just need to take to your bed. It doesn’t mean you have to stay there, but while you are, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have certain things at your fingertips so you don’t have to get up or find someone to bring something to you, or just give up trying.

Enter the Bedside Survival Kit!

This kit can be a deal-breaker! Not everything in this kit is necessary for everyone. But you really will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t get what you need in place NOW before you actually need it!

You can keep your items in the drawer of a bedside table or close to your bed in a small plastic bin. Then, on the days when you aren’t using your kit, you can refill what you’ve used up to be ready for the next time bedrest becomes the priority!

Here is the plastic bin I love.

It’s actually shoebox size. You will find that it fits neatly in your space and you can get a lot of goodies in there.

Here are some other items I am loving and suggesting you try. Some things like a box of tissues, bottles of water, emory boards or a nail file and clipper, pocket-size hand sanitizer or even a small plastic comb or brush can be things you already have on hand or can pick up at the dollar store!

A mini desk handheld mini USB fan.

How amazing does it feel to not have to get up, plug in a fan because you’re hot, then get back up again to turn it off because you’re too cold! This gives you that breeze of air you need and it is chargeable right in your charging station!

Refresh your mouth! Especially if you get a bad kind of taste or have had to throw up (sorry, sis, it happens)!

These little pre-toothpasted small toothbrushes really get the job done. Oh! How will you do that, you ask? Well, you need water and you need small cups to swish-n-spit into (and they’re lidded to keep from having a mess)!

This collapsible bottle is wonderful to have filled with water for drinking or rinsing your mouth. Wash it out when you’re back up and about and then fold back down to use next time!

Here are a few other clickable photos of things you can include in your survival kit!

  • Hot and cold packs for sore parts or to cool off or heat up!
  • Gentle skin cleansing cloths and feminine wipes for quick freshening up!

This pill organizer box is amazing! It not only organizes by days of the week but also by time of day as well! Wow!

And then you can’t go wrong with a good lip balm, travel size bottles you can fill with your favorite moisturizers or the jars with necessary salves and creams.

And of course, you may need snacks in small storage bags or containers for things like crackers or nuts when you need something on your stomach to take some medicine with or want to have something to eat.

And then a nice small trash bin and liner bags to keep it all tidy!

It’s never too soon to think ahead. Get together your survival kit and keep it close to your bed. It helps you save energy yet still be able to do things like take your medications and attend to some hygiene details amongst other things.

What else would you add to your own Bedside Survival Kit?

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