Who Is Lynn Clark

Hi, I am Lynn Clark

I am your holistic living specialist. Specialist? Just how did THAT come to be, you may ask?

The Specialist

I specialize because I have to! Some time ago (around 2015), I found myself with a devastating illness. It was a virus likely picked up from work which, for a normal person, would have run it’s course as a bad cold or respiratory infection. It wasn’t flu or bronchitis, just a virus (as I now know), BUT for ME, it left me flat on my back/bum for a bit more than 30 days.

What I thought was me catching someone’s yuck was actually a path for autoimmune disease to attack my body.

That’s what autoimmune does: it attacks whatever it’s supposed to PLUS what it isn’t supposed to. It sees your own body as the enemy and goes in to kill off what it doesn’t agree with.

As complicated as it was, the simple answer was I had to learn really fast how to deal with, and more importantly, LIVE WITH keeping myself healthy, happy and grounded … just to survive!

That is how I became the specialist. I was working in the health care field as a licensed professional for upwards of 18 years before being forced to give that career up due to my body’s needs. But, even with that, I am not a doctor.

Here, I share with others things I believe and know to be healing, restorative, and supportive of living life in the best way you possibly can, despite any diagnoses, preconceived notions, falsehoods, or self dialogue about what you life is or isn’t going to be.

This information isn’t for ONLY people who have a diagnosis, but I serve those that, like me, need to know that some information they are being given doesn’t seem to work because it isn’t actually what they need! I help people redefine what “health” means for them, and get to LIVING it!

Mission Statement

Provide women nearing and in the second half of their lives the support, education, and inspiration to achieve and define their own healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see an end to the expectation of deteriorating health as women enter the second stage of their lives. We want every woman, despite any circumstances, to be able to live a meaningful, vibrant, and healthiest possible life.

Core Values

Passion – Every aspect of what we share comes from a place of passion for health and life improvement.

Commitment – We are committed to providing you a vehicle towards meeting your health goals through encouragement, inspiration, and education.

Dignity – From our products to our posts to our customer service, we offer our best and will protect your dignity as the individual.

Supportive – You should expect a high level of interaction with us, and we expect to meet your expectations.

Empowering – Absolutely, this all means nothing if we do not empower you to take control over your total health.

This Is Who We Are