Stay Motivated To Be Healthy

10 Things To Do To Stay Motivated To Be Healthy!

Staying Motivated on Your Weight Loss/Fitness/Healthy Journey

There have been many days I’ve lost motivation to workout or eat healthy or do any of a number of things I’d set out to do for my health.  I’ve been laying in bed procrastinating about getting up and doing what I needed to do. I knew I needed to challenge my body to see and feel changes.  I just didn’t “feel” like doing anything.

The same thing goes for eating well.  I have found myself “not wanting” the foods I  bought or while needing to follow my clean eating meal plan, standing at the grocery wanting the foods not on my list.  Again, I knew I had to make and keep changes to see and feel changes, but I didn’t “feel” like doing so.

Well, I am going to share with you how I keep motivated.  This list keeps me moving when I think I’m too tired or too busy, keeps me armed with good foods to choose from, and helps me to be consistent to see changes.  Implementing these, I’m convinced, will help you as well. This list may trigger ideas of your own that you can start doing TODAY to see changes in the future. Remember, it all works together!  Eating well takes the weight off. Exercise seals the deal and reshapes and burns off calories. Please, don’t try doing one without the other. It really is a winning combination: eat better, move more.  It sounds simplistic but you need to break down what that means for yourself. It means you need to move out of your own way, out of your comfort zone, and do so consistently!

  • Get some new workout clothes or shoes.  It’s true, putting on something that says, “ready to work out” really does help motivate you to get moving.  Color coordinated workout gear, trying something in the new workout technology (wicking fabrics or non-chafing garments) can be very comfortable against your body.  Getting colorful clothing is uplifting and doesn’t have to empty out your pockets. A simple, cotton Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, for example, is priced at $6.99 at the time of this writing, (and in a variety of colors).  And to show you how this can all work together, skipping buying unnecessary snacks and junk foods can free up some cash to get a couple of t-shirts!! Also, nothing beats a good fitting pair of workout shoes.  Nothing.
  • Get a new piece of equipment to use when you exercise.  I am in LOVE with exercise bands!  I have the thin rubbery strips (resistance bands) and I have the stretchy cords as well.  They offer great resistance and can be used in place of hand weights. Switching things up a bit can help break you out of the boredom of doing the same routines.  This helps keep you motivated by setting new patterns and challenges your body to move in a different way.
  • Make a meal plan for the week.  Use your meal plan to shop from.  If the (food) item isn’t on your list, do not buy it.  This keeps unplanned foods out of the house. Working from your list frees up time otherwise spent looking through the grocery store.  Pre Planned meals also save time in that you also PREP the foods ahead of time to make more “grab-and-go” situations. WINNING!!!
  • Really focus in on the deep reason why you want and need change.  It’s not all about fitting into next year’s swimwear, or going on a high school reunion cruise, although these things can count as milestones, but you need to have a deeper more personal health reason to get the weight off, change your body, change your life.  For me, it’s to battle some recent medical diagnoses in order to live an active, unencumbered lifestyle and to be a role model for my daughters.
  • Goal Planning:  Break down large goals.  Bite off your challenge into small pieces.  The major goal, for instance, could be to lose 30 pounds for the rest of this year, (like mine).  This means 10 pounds each month, which translates into 2 and a half pounds a week. Oh! Broken down this small, it’s not so intimidating, and can allow you to concentrate on what to do to meet the weekly goal.  Even from here, breaking it down into daily accomplishments that are planned for each week, can be motivating.
  • Set limits for social media, gaming and television time.  These are MAJOR attention and time suckers.  Nothing like getting all absorbed in something online to the point that there is no more time or interest in either cooking your healthy meals or getting in some exercise.
  • Pre-plan exercise.  Exercise that is pre-planned means you have your clothing on or laid out, shoes included.  You have already written on your calendar or planner the days you are going to work out, just as if it is a doctor’s appointment, an appointment with yourself!  You have your gym bag packed and ready to go, along with a healthy energy snack and your water bottle. You have your home workout DVD out and ready to go along with your towel, water bottle and any equipment you will be using.  Pre. Plan.
  • Have a buddy.  This person, your buddy, can be a family member, work buddy or friend that you can lean on in times of weakness.  This person may walk with you 3 times a week or swap healthy meals with you or help you work through feeling overwhelmed if those times come up!  This person can also benefit from your own spark, energy and by doing so will return that energy back to you! Motivation!!
  • Identify opportunities to get in more movement.  Walking a little further in a parking lot, getting off at an earlier bus or train stop, walking at lunchtime or right after work, putting the baby in the stroller right before nap time and taking a walk, picking a day a week to stop by the beach and walk in the sand (resistance and beauty all in one), taking the stairs instead of an elevator (even if only just part of the way), are all ways to add more movement to your days!!
  • Focus on how good you feel in your own body once you get start eating better and moving more.  This is called foreseeing!  Take time to celebrate the little victories and recognize them as moments for winning the campaign against the things that keep you from your goals.  Notice how it may feel to be able to come up your basement steps without being winded. Take in the feeling of bending to tie your shoes and not feeling as much stomach in your way.  And, nothing is more satisfying than when people begin noticing your physical and internal changes! Let this motivate you! Have more fun with friends and family because you are not feeling so tired and uninterested. These are all good things. Celebrate in them!!

You might feel overwhelmed, time-crunched, or even a bit nervous about making sure these and other things like them get done for you! If that is the case, I can help you sort it through and get optimal results! You and I can talk for about 15 minutes on what you need and how I can help. Click here to get us on a free 15 minut call.

All of these points will help you stay motivated and feeling good about your choices. I’m interested in hearing from you about any that you do or use that help. Please share them in the comments!

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