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10 Different Ways To Get More Time

I hear from a LOT of women that they just can’t find enough time in the day to get things done. So many accept that as their fate and just give up! They have a never completed list of things they need/want to do, and never get it done!

When you accept as your fate that you can’t get things done, so why bother, that is one of the worst things you can do. First off, most of us have much more time than we give ourselves permission to have. Secondly, never getting things done for yourself is a surefire setup to failure and anxiety. (No, I don’t have studies to back that claim up, I just call it as I see it).

The things in the following list can help you find the time you have been losing.

When you find the time, what will you do with it?

  • Feel less rushed?
  • Actually be able to make AND EAT breakfast in the mornings?
  • Attend that class you’ve been thinking about?
  • Spend a weekend a month enjoying a short get-away instead of being tied down to unfinished details?
  • Have a nice, clean house/bedroom/kitchen for a change to enjoy?
  • Maybe enjoy your friends, kids, or grand kids and not have that little nagging feeling in the back of your mind the whole time?
  • Enjoy time with just yourself?

Open your mind, remove “I Can’t” from your thoughts, and try at least one of these suggestions!

10 Different Ways You Can Get More Time

Limit your time spent browsing your social media accounts!

Okay, who among us can sit in the bed before we get up or sit in the bathroom before we shower just looking at feeds and timelines. It’s distracting and can ruin your time! Obviously, I don’t want you to stop altogether! I want you to limit your time on social media when you could be doing something better for yourself: cooking a healthy meal to eat, tidying up for 5 minutes so you won’t have to do it later, or NOT driving like a mad woman going to work!

Follow a list or schedule to establish routines.

Do you have a morning routine? A routine before bed? If you do, do you follow it regularly? If you don’t have routines, consider writing one (or two or three) up for yourself. Follow it daily and commit to doing so for a month. After that, it should be a habit!

Lighten up on your cleaning standards

Try this suggestion from, (we all know Oprah stays busy, yet gets things done). Lighten up on your cleaning standards (30 to 45 minutes). Aiming for “dirt removal” versus “perfectly spotless” can free up a lot of time. “In my house, I wipe down the stall after showering instead of doing a big thorough scrub every week,” says Stack. “Consider washable throw rugs rather than carpets that need constant steam-cleaning and change the heating and cooling system filters quarterly to cut down on dust.”

Who can argue with that logic?

Go to bed

This one may sound like a huge contradiction but get in your bed and go to sleep at a time that is early enough to feel refreshed, not dragging, when you get up the next morning. No television, none of the “one more episode of this binge-watch”, and none of that going and going until you’re nearly ready to pass out! Stop. Activate your bedtime routine. Set your alarm. Get in your bed. Go to sleep. You will be equipped to have more control over your time when you are not dog-tired.

Time your last food before you go to sleep

We used to be told to stop eating at least 2 hours before bed due to digestion or because of metabolism, but that train of thought has shifted. Pay attention, if that last bowl of ice cream sits on your stomach and has you up going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it’s a better idea to stop eating earlier. If you sleep better after a light snack, do that. But pay attention to how your body responds. The point is to get better rest.

Enlist help

So many women have bought into the notion that they are the only ones that can do certain things in the house and if they don’t do it, it either won’t get done or it won’t get done right.

Well, let’s just throw ourselves over the imaginary knife, why don’t we! Really, sis? Really? Even a child at your knee can be given specific household responsibilities to learn how to do them and contribute as a citizen of the household. If there are older or grown folks in your house and they aren’t aware that you do enough in the home and they need to pick up more of the slack, set boundaries. Get all that work off your back, so you can be a better, happier, healthier self!!

Get organized

Take a weekend to put things in order in your home. Take part of a day or go into work early to organize your desk or workspace. Put your makeup in order in a place where you can grab it, use it, then put it back in its proper place. Don’t need help with makeup? How’s your spice drawer or utensil storage looking in the kitchen? Think of places you can streamline that will get you moving more efficiently in the day. No more losing time searching for things.

Prepare food in advance

I am SOLD on preparing my food in advance. I have a whole document about it here. Even if you don’t spend a Saturday cooking up food for the next week or to stock your freezer, at the very LEAST get some things cut up, portioned out, and ready to roll for future meals. You will never stop thanking me when you see how much time you can save by doing this work up front.

Batch your errands

If you have a list of things you want to get done, see how much of it you can do in chunks. Most folks do this anyhow, but it still is something of a surprise to hear that some people just don’t. If you must go to the grocery store for the week’s meals, refill the gas tank, and drop off laundry, then do all of that in one complete circle staying one driving direction. You will save on fuel, effort and time because if you are out by the grocery store, stop either on the way or on the way back to do another errand. Then go back home or wherever else. Easy. I personally don’t like running all over. If I don’t have business on the north side of town, I don’t go over there until I do. And when I get there, I’m doing more than one thing. That’s the goal. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but most times it does.

Lighten up

Stress stalls you out, makes you slow, steals your joy, and ruins your health. By putting some of the above tips to work, your stress level can come down, you can start to FEEL better, and enjoy more of your life!

These are the 10 suggestions to get back more of your time. You are welcome! Come back and tell me which thing you tried that worked the best! I am really looking forward to hearing back from you!

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