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Welcome! You’re in the right place!

If you’ve noticed yourself feeling a little off-balance, a little out of sorts, or even less energetic, you’ve come to the right place.

You can feel these ways at any given time in your life, sis, and it doesn’t always mean what you’ve been told it means: you’re lazy, you’re old, or you’re in a deep, never-ending rut!

You totally have control over your holistic health! What is it? It is the marker of what having good health is truly about. It’s the balance between your mind, body, and spirit.


Your mentality affects everything pertaining to your health.  It all starts in the mind. What you think, how you think, and what you say to yourself are all part of your overall health.


Keep your body strong and healthy.
The health of your body – It’s not only important but must be in balance with the other areas. It’s where you live. It houses everything else.


This is where your drive and peace are seated and should never be compromised. How you connect to the world and what you receive from the spirit-realm/higher power deeply affects your spiritual health.

It may sound cliche, but women need to ALWAYS fill THEIR cup FIRST before trying to pour into others: careers, family, relationships, their community! We have to have the balance necessary to do all the things we are both tasked to do and desire to do.

Nothing is more precious than your health. So, whether you are just coming to this realization or if you are already there and now need to fine-tune what you are doing using holistic strategies,  I’m your Specialist.

How I became the specialist …

I received several diagnoses about my health which were chronic and autoimmune. Those first months were hard, and the following flare-ups were really tough. I lost a lot because I had to leave not only my job,  but a 19-year career because I could no longer do the work.

My life took some hard hits, and I didn’t feel healthy, but I decided to not let it define my entire life. I found ways to cope, thrive, and live well despite everything that was going on. I learned to live in balance. Through research, classes, and trial and error, I now help women live fuller lives within their own unique definition of health.

You want to feel well, you want to live a rich/meaningful, robust life, and you want to be in control of what your health looks like! Everyone does.

Living in balance. THIS is the definition of health, and is the only way to live your life by your own design yet still show up in it powerfully and magnificently!

Next Steps

Right off, there are a few ways you can start your own transformation:

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