Hi! I am Lynn Clark. I help active women with chronic health issues find balance and remain vibrant in their lives.

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    Welcome! You’re in the right place!

    I am your Holistic Living Specialist. Living holistically is about living in balance and takes the whole person into account instead of focusing only on a condition or illness or issue.

    I help you balance your whole person by helping you define that balance with the 3 areas of holistic living: Mind, Body, and Spirit.


    Your mentality affects everything pertaining to your health; everything starts in the mind. What you think, how you think, and what you say to yourself are all part of your overall health.


    Keep your body strong and healthy.
    The health of your body – It’s not only important but must be in balance with the other areas. It’s where you live. It houses everything else.


    This is where your drive and peace are seated and should never be compromised. How you connect to the world and move and live in it is the effect of your spiritual health.

    Women need to ALWAYS have balance in life to do all the things we are both tasked to do and desire to do without feeling as if we have lost our life’s force.

    Nothing is more precious than your health. So, whether you are just coming to this realization or if you are already there and now need to fine-tune what you are doing using holistic strategies,  I’m your Specialist.

    How I became the specialist …

    Even having worked in healthcare for nearly 20 years, it wasn’t until life required a personal health adjustment that I realized the value of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I now share what I specialize in with other women facing the question of what being healthy now means for them.